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The Philly Suns Youth Development Program was started as a way to connect the younger and older members in the Philadelphia Suns organization. The program’s primary goal is to guide the younger member as they fulfill their future goals and career aspirations.

In an effort to assist them in throughout the college process as they transition out of high school, we held a FAFSA & Scholarship workshop at CCC+C in early January. While open to all members, we put the focus on our seniors and juniors to get them started on the financial aid application process. The amount of information and paperwork required can be daunting, so our mentors paired up with the students and helped walk them through it one on one.

While seniors began actually filling out the FAFSA form and junior signed up for accounts on the Federal Aid website for the future, this workshop also served as an opportunity for our younger members to check out other scholarships. They discussed their potential study and career interests with their mentors, who were able to suggest different sites to look at that would help them tailor the scholarship search based on what they wanted to do. The mentors were not only able to give a lot of helpful advice, but got the chance to get to know some of our high school members better as well.

Overall, this first workshop was a success, and we plan on running more events like this in the future to continue our support for the younger members. For more info on the Philly Suns Youth Development Program and future events, contact Emil Buccilli (

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